Bouquet Recycled Arizona Tea Flowers - Set of 6

$ 190.00

**As Featured by Arizona Tea Company!!

Gorgeous bouquet of 6 flowers carefully hand cut from recycled Arizona Tea cans.  Flowers are embossed and some have antique silver metal filigree petals. All flowers have a nice sealant coat to preserve the colors.

Each flower is unique and and can pattern may be a bit different than photo as each are hand cut to order.

Flowers are on pretty silver big leaf stems approximately 9" long.

Listing is for a set of all 6.

Flowers are made from following flavors:

Lemon Tea
Green Tea
Peach Tea
Fruit Punch
Mucho Mango

If you would like just one, please ask.

We also have a separate listing for just the red watermelon and will be listing each one separately soon.