31" Aluminum Can Butterfly Wall Chain

$ 105.00

$ 85.00

Hand made in the USA with care!

***This listing for butterfly chain measuring 31" with 18 double sided butterflies.

This whimsical chain was made from upcycled soda cans. 

Butterflies are double sided (different cans each side). They hang from a pretty gun metal chain.

These butterflies can be placed hanging in the window, on the wall, cork board, from lights or at parties! They add a cheery touch to any room or occasion.

NOTE: butterfly "can" pattern may differ from those in picture as they are handcrafted and individually cut, making each butterfly unique.

*** Each chain is made to order and order of sodas in chain may differ from the one pictured. Same cans will be used unless others specified*** 

**This chain may take up to 7 days to ship**